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YO! Sushi - Silverburn Glasgow - City of Glasgow Menu

YO! Sushi - Silverburn Glasgow
Silverburn Shopping Centre
Barrhead Road
City of Glasgow
G53 6QR

Phone +44 1415550042

YO! Sushi - Silverburn Glasgow Menu

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soups & broths Miso Soup ( V) £ 1.75 A light soy bean broth with seaweed, tofu and spring onion (unlimited). Mushroom Miso Udon Miso broth with shiitake mushrooms, fresh tofu, watercress and udon noodles. Chicken Dumpling Udon Chicken dumplings in dashi (Asian broth) with Asian vegetables and udon noodles. Spicy Seafood Udon Kimchee dashi (spicy Asian broth) with prawn, salmon, squid, Asian vegetables and udon noodles. tempura Vegetable (V) Sweet potato, Japanese chilli and aubergine. Prawn Black tiger prawns. Soft Shell Crab Soft shell blue crab (soft,tasty and tender). Assorted Soft shell crab, black tiger prawn, sweet potato and Japanese chilli. hot classics Chicken Teriyaki Grilled chicken in a sweet, sticky soy based sauce. Salmon Teriyaki Grilled salmon in a sweet, sticky soy based sauce. Chicken Yakitori Char-grilled chicken skewers with a soymirin glaze. Salmon & Asparagus Yakitori Char-grilled salmon and asparagus skewers with a soy-mirin glaze. Miso Black Cod Pan fried Alaskan black cod in a miso mirin sauce. Pumpkin Korroke (V) Crispy Japanese breaded pumpkin croquettes with a fruity sauce. Chicken Katsu Crispy fried chicken in Japanese bread crumbs, with a fruity sauce. Prawn Katsu Crispy fried prawns in Japanese bread crumbs, with a fruity sauce. Chicken Katsu Curry Chicken katsu with rice, a mild curry sauce and Japanese pickles. Katsu Selection Prawn and chicken katsu with pumpkin korroke Vegetable Gyoza (V) Crispy dumplings with vegetables. Chicken Gyoza Crispy dumplings with chicken. Duck Gyoza & Moromi Miso Crispy dumplings with duck. Spicy Pepper Squid Hot coils of spicy pepper squid. Hairy Prawns Prawns wrapped in kadaifi pastry with wasabi mayonnaise. Vegetable Firecracker Rice (V) Spicy sushi rice with Asian vegetables. Chicken Rice Spicy sushi rice with Asian vegetables and chicken. Seafood Rice Spicy sushi rice with Asian vegetables, prawns, salmon and squid. Chicken Yakisoba Pan fried Japanese noodles in a mildly spiced tangy sauce with vegetable and chicken. Prawn Yakisoba Pan fried Japanese noodles in a mildly spiced tangy sauce with vegetables and prawns. iso Crispy Salmon Skin Classic Japanese. Crispy fried salmon skin. California Roll Crabstick, avocado, mayonnaise and sesame seeds. Spicy Chicken Katsu Crispy chicken, katsu sauce and shichimi powder (Japanese chilli). YO! Roll Salmon, avocado, masago (fish roe) and mayonnaise. Spicy Tuna Tuna and shichimi powder (Japanese chilli). Crunchy Prawn Prawn katsu, avocado, wasabi masago (fish roe) and mayonnaise. Soft Shell Crab & Rocket Tempura soft shell crab, Japanese pickles, yuzu tobiko (fish roe) and chilli mayonnaise. Salmon Dragon Roll Crabstick, avocado, mayonnaise, shichimi powder (Japanese chilli) and salmon topping. Mini Eel & Cucumber ISO BBQ'd eel, cucumber and wasabi masago (fish roe). Eel Dragon Roll Fresh crab, avocado, shichimi powder (Japanese chilli) and BBQ'd eel topping. Assorted ISO YO! Roll, salmon dragon roll, soft shell crab & rocket. nigiri Tamago (V) Sweet omelette. Roasted Red Pepper (V) Roasted red pepper. Salmon Finely sliced salmon with wasabi. Octopus Cooked octopus with a nori band. Tuna Finely sliced tuna with wasabi. Seared Beef Seared rare striploin with mayonnaise. Prawn Cooked prawn and wasabi. Eel BBQ'd and glazed freshwater eel. Assorted Nigiri Prawn, tuna and salmon. Assorted Nigiri Maki Premium cut salmon and tuna nigiri, with cucumber, avocado and asparagus rolls. sashimi Salmon Five slices of premium Scottish salmon. Sesame Salmon Five slices of sesame seared Scottish salmon. Shichimi & Dill Salmon Five slices of shichimi (Japanese chilli) and dill seared Scottish salmon. Tuna Five slices of premium tuna loin. Coriander Tuna Five slices of seared coriander crusted tuna loin. Sesame Tuna Five slices of black sesame crusted tuna loin. Assorted Seared Sashimi Two slices each of sesame salmon, shichimi & dill salmon and coriander tuna. Salmon Selection Three slices of premium Scottish salmon sashimi, two salmon nigiri and two salmon maki. hand rolls & gunkan Crispy Salmon Skin Crispy fried salmon skin with spring onion. Vegetable (V) Asparagus, kampyo and tamago. California Crabstick, avocado, mayonnaise and sesame seeds. Salmon & Avocado Premium salmon, avocado, mayonnaise and sesame seeds. Spicy Tuna Chopped tuna, shichimi and spring onion. Fresh Crab & Avocado Fresh white crab meat, avocado, mayonnaise and sesame seeds. Soft Shell Crab & Rocket Tempura fried soft shell crab, rocket, pickled radish, yuzu tobiko and sweet chilli mayonnaise. Crispy Duck & Moromi Miso Shredded crispy duck, brown rice miso, sliced cucumber and spring onion. Masago Smelt fish roe, rice and nori. Tobiko Flying fish roe, rice and nori. maki/futomaki Asparagus (V) Blanched asparagus and Japanese mayonnaise. Avocado (V) Avocado and Japanese mayonnaise. Cucumber (V) Cucumber and sesame seeds. Oshinko (V) Pickled Asian radish and sesame seeds. Red Pepper (V) Crunchy red pepper. Vegetable Futomaki (V) Cucumber, kampyo, pickled radish, tamago and red pepper. Salmon Salmon and wasabi. Tuna Tuna and wasabi. Smoked Salmon & Chive Smoked salmon and chive. Assorted Fish Two each of salmon, tuna and smoked salmon with wasabi. Crispy Duck Futomaki Shredded duck, sliced cucumber and spring onion with brown rice miso. salads Edamame ( V) Salted blanched soy beans (squeeze & suck - discard the pod). Kaiso Salad (V) Sesame marinated kaiso (Japanese seaweed) salad with edamame and carrot. Aubergine (V) Harusame dressing (garlic, sesame, ginger). Spicy Chicken Salad Spicy ginger and garlic dressing. Squid Salad Kimchee and sesame seeds. Crunchy Tofu (V) Su-miso sauce (mustardvinegar miso sauce). Marinated Salmon & Dill Lemon, dill and sesame oil marinade. Crayfish Salad Chilli and vinegar dressing. desserts Mochi Glutinous rice cake. Dorayaki Japanese pancake with custard filling and raspberry sauce. Fresh Fruit Freshly sliced pineapple, honeydew melon, grapes and strawberry. Mango Pudding Green Tea Panacotta Yuzu & Lychee Jelly Chocolate & Raspberry Truffle

Restaurant menus often vary from day to day, so the above should be treated as examples of what to expect in terms of cuisine and price.

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