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The Mazza is a culinary adventure. Anyone who has been to there can understand what the French mean by the term amuse-gueule - when the finest culinary delights titillate your taste buds. This modern oriental restaurant in Eimsbüttel near Hamburg's Schanzenviertel is worthy of this kind of recommendation. When you arrive, you get the feeling that the Mazza has a wonderful evening in store for you. The place has a relaxed feel. Go up the wide inviting staircase and enter the foyer of this beautifully restored town house. You can then choose to dine in the modern restaurant or in the magnificent Orientsaal. After choosing one of the exquisite wines this is the last decision you have to make. Anyone who dines at the Mazza has already ordered! The restaurant has a surprising selection on offer and this is only surpassed by the even more surprising flavours of the 5-course menu that follows. As the evening goes on, diners will marvel at the quality of the dishes. The restaurant offers a selection of cold, warm and exquisite Eurabian dishes. When it comes to food, the Mazza revels in its hospitality, and diners feel it. The Mazza offers diners new Syrian cuisine which is very healthy. The spices tantalise, tease and treat your taste buds to a fabulous new culinary experience. You can dine, have a party, hold a meeting and spend the night at the Mazza. It offers the full package!

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MAZZA, Hamburg
MAZZA, Hamburg
MAZZA, Hamburg
MAZZA, Hamburg

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