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Valley Connection 301 - Hexham Menu

Valley Connection 301
Market Place
NE46 3NX

Phone +44 (0)1434 601234

Valley Connection 301 Menu

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Lentil, mulligatawny or fish & tomato

Onion Bhaji
Deep fried, crispy, spiced onion balls
Similar to Onion Bhaji, but including vegetables
Bhuna Prawn on Puree
Prawns cooked with special herbs and spices
King Prawn Bhaji
Super king prawns stir fried with garlic, fresh ginger, onions and fresh coriander 6.50
Dhai Baigon
Grilled aubergine, stuffed with vegetables, topped with spiced yoghurt 4.25
Chingri Moslai (served cold)
Prawns with garlic, mustard, herbs and spices 3.95
Chingri Varkee
Grilled green pepper stuffed with spicy prawns 4.50
Sabzi Varkee
Grilled green pepper stuffed with spicy fresh mixed vegetables, topped with a minty yoghurt sauce 3.95
Chapati Roll
Spicy mixed vegetables or minced lamb rolled into a garlic chapati 3.50
Sheek Kebab
Succulent minced lamb rolls, blended with special herbs and spices. Served with a salad and minty sauce 3.95
Chicken or Lamb Tikka
Succulent boneless pieces of chicken or prime pieces of lamb, marinated, then barbecued, served with a salad and a minty sauce 4.25
Chicken Kebab
Chicken prepared with fresh herbs & green chillies, served with a green salad
Kebab Bhar - for two
A selection of kebabs and tikkas, served sizzling with a salad and minty yoghurt sauce 8.95
Tandoori Dhakna
Chicken wings marinated in fresh herbs and spices, served with minty yoghurt sauce 3.50
Surprise Platter
A selection of starters will be chosen by our Master Chef for two 10.50
for four 19.95
Roshon Kora
A dish with lots of garlic, black pepper, fresh herbs and spices in a sauce. Choose from chicken, lamb or beef - medium hot

King Prawn Bongo Po
Prawns caught in the Bay of Bengal prepared with sliced green chillies in sauce of medium texture
Murgh Amchur
Chicken cooked with the great flavour of mango in a spicy sauce - medium hot
Shat Kora Delight
This particular dish comes from the Sylhet region of Bangladesh. A regional favourite for generations - the fantastic fragrance of Shat Kora which is from the lemon family and is only grown in Sylhet. Choose from chicken, lamb or beef
Belati Baigon Zhal Zul
A king prawn dish prepared with fresh tomatoes, green chillies and fresh coriander. It has a creamy consistency and a tangy flavour 13.50
Special Bhuna Gosth
The most favourite dish of mine, lamb or beef seasoned with fresh herbs and spices with a touch of garam masala. It is most highly recommended - it's fairly hot 8.95
Murgh Podina
Chicken cooked with fresh garden mint in a medium hot sauce 9.50
Aloo Gosth
Lamb or beef cooked with potatoes. Strongly spiced but light - medium hot 8.50
Daraz's five course super dinner
A very special meal selected for you by Daraz and our Master Chef
for two 49.95
for four 95.00

The names of the following dishes will be unfamiliar to many Indian food devotees,
because they are unique to The Valley Restaurants

Breasts of chicken cooked mainly with mild spices and honey, in a creamy sauce

Murgh Sabzi Khana
Chicken stir fried with capsicum, tomato and bindi in a mixture of aromatic spices
Murgh Zhal Roshun
Diced chicken cooked mainly with garlic and fresh green chillies. It's hot!
Luari Mangsho
Medium hot lamb dish, cooked with tomatoes, green pepper & fresh coriander
Shahjhani Pasanda
Prime pieces of lamb, cooked in fresh cream, yoghurt and almonds in a subtle sauce 8.25
Mangsho Pesta Ke Shadi
Topside of beef cooked with a blend of mild spices and pistachio nuts 9.50
Chili Chingri Masala
Super king prawns first barbecued then cooked in a special blend of hot spices with green chillies 11.95
Rajha Chingri Sagwala
Super king prawns cooked with fresh spinach, coriander and a touch of green chilli 11.95
Salmon Bahja
Fresh salmon steak, fried with fresh herbs, garlic, ginger and raw onions 11.50
Duck Masallam
Duck breast marinated in herbs. Cooked and served in a spicy, creamy sauce with coconut 10.95
Salmon Salon
Salmon steak cooked with fresh herbs, spices and sliced green chillies with orange peel which gives a delicious flavour 11.95
Beef Adrok
Topside of beef cooked with fresh herbs and lots of fresh ginger 9.95

Chef's Choice
Seven Course surprise dinner for two 55.00
for four 110.00

The following dishes are marinated in our own specially blended sauce with yoghurt and cooked in an authentic tandoori oven. Served sizzling on a bed of raw onion with fresh green salad and minty yoghurt sauce.

Tandoori Chicken
Half spring chicken on the bone

Chicken or Lamb Tikka
Succulent boneless pieces of chicken or prime pieces of lamb
Tandoori Super King Prawns
Large king prawns caught in the Bay of Bengal
Tandoori Extravaganza
A fantastic selection of tandoori kebabs and tikkas
Tandoori Trout
Clay oven grilled rainbow trout 10.50
Chicken or Lamb Shaslic
Special pieces of chicken or lamb, barbecued on a skewer with tomatoes, capsicums and onion 9.50

Tikka Curries Choose from... Bhuna
The following dishes are prepared with Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka Masala Dhansak
or Madras Ceylon
Tandoori King Prawn each with their own individual distinctive flavour Pathia Korma
Rogan Dupiaza
Jalfrezi Karai

With Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka 8.50

Tandoori King Prawns 12.95

Biryani is a traditional Indian dish, prepared with flavoured Basmati rice, a mixture of mild spices, almonds and sultanas in ghee, served with mild or hot vegetable curry.

Choose from

Chicken, Lamb or Beef 10.50
Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka 11.50
Prawn 10.50
King Prawn 12.95
Tandoori King Prawn 13.50

Individually created
The following dishes are individually prepared with their own ingredients, textures and flavours

Korma is a very mild dish prepared following a traditional Indian recipe with greater use of fresh cream

Cooked in a creamy sauce with ground cashew nuts and almonds
Preparation of mild spices in which cream, banana and pineapple are used to create a unique flavour
Preparartion of mild spices, similar to Malayan but cooked with sultanas

Choose from

Chicken 6.95
Lamb 7.50
Beef 8.50
Vegetable 6.50
Prawn 7.25
King Prawn 10.95
Duck 9.95

This dish is cooked in delicately flavoured sauce with lots of tomatoes and a sprinkle of dania
Bhuna is a strongly spiced curry, a combination of a special blend of spices, fried to provide a dish of medium strength and dry consistency
Cooked with a special mixture of spices including garlic, ginger and a strong flavour of coriander
A method of preparation similar to Bhuna where fresh onions are mixed with spices and fried briskly

Choose from

Chicken 6.95
Lamb 7.50
Beef 8.50
Vegetable 6.50
Prawn 7.25
King Prawn 10.95
Duck 9.95

A South Indian version of the dishes, having a greater proportion of hot spices which lend a fiery taste to its richness
Cooked in a thick sauce with fruit juice and lentils of hot sweet and sour taste
Cooked with strongly flavoured spices which makes it hotter but with lots of coconut
Related to the Madras but hotter in taste. It owes name and part of its contents to the early Portuguese settlers
Cooked with capsicum, onion, tomatoes and hot spices
The characteristics of this dish are derived from the use of tomatoes with a mixture of hot spices

Choose from

Chicken 6.95
Lamb 7.50
Beef 8.50
Vegetable 6.50
Prawn 7.25
King Prawn 10.95
Duck 9.95

The following dishes are specially selected and prepared for vegetarians, however, these are wonderful dishes for non-vegetarians too.

Palak Paneer
Fresh spinach cooked with cheese, garlic and green chillies

Mattar Paneer
Garden peas cooked with cheese in aromatic spices
Dhai Baigon
Large grilled aubergine stuffed with spicy mixed vegetables
Chana Bhuna
Chickpeas cooked in a strongly spice thick sauce
Dhal Sabzi
Fresh mixed vegetables cooked with lentils and lemon juice 6.50
Chilli Vegetables
Fresh mixed vegetables cooked with lots of green chillies 6.50
Vegetable Masala
Cooked with fresh cream, yoghurt and mixture of spices in thick creamy sauce 6.95
Mushroom Masala
Fresh mushrooms cooked with yoghurt, fresh cream and a mixture of mild spices 6.50
Anaj Vuj (Chef's Choice) special vegetarian meal
A selection of specially prepared fresh vegetable dishes.
Served with rice and bread 12.95
We highly recommend that you have vegetable side dishes to complement main courses. These can be shared.

3.25 per portion

Mushroom Bhaji
Fresh mushrooms with onion

Bindi Bhaji
Fresh okra with onion and spices

Bombay Aloo
Spicy hot potatoes

Aloo Gobi
Potato and cauliflower

Cabbage Bhaji
Crispy cabbage with spices
Vegetable Bhaji
Mixed dry vegetables
Brinjal Bhaji
Aubergines stir fried
Sag Aloo
Spinach and potatoes
Sag Bhaji
Fresh spinach with garlic
Talka Dhal
Lentils flavoured with garlic
Valley's Dhal
Made with a selection of lentils, flavoured with fresh herbs and spices
Vegetable Curry
Mixed vegetables in spicy sauce
Chana Bhuna
Chickpeas with spices

Pashwari Naan
With almonds and sultanas
Keema Naan
With spiced lamb mince
Paneer Naan
With cheese
Stuffed Paratha
stuffed with vegetables
Small pancake 0.95
Tandoori Roti
Wholemeal bread baked in the clay oven 2.00
Assorted Pickles
Lime, mango, onion etc. 0.75
Plain Naan
Made with self-raising flour 2.00
Garlic Naan 2.50
Aloo Naan
Stuffed with potatoes 2.50
Leavened bread 2.50
Made with wholemeal flour 0.95
Spiced or plain 0.75
Cultured yoghurt with onion and cucumber 1.95
The following Pilaw rices are prepared with Basmati, the finest rice in the world, flavoured with saffron and ghee

Mushroom Pilaw
Peas Pilaw
Keema Pilaw
Plain Pilaw
Vegetable Pilaw 3.50
Onion Pilaw 3.50
Egg Pilaw 3.50
Plain Boiled Rice 3.00

Restaurant menus often vary from day to day, so the above should be treated as examples of what to expect in terms of cuisine and price.

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