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In the restaurant of the Hotel Reuter, in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, mother and daughter cook their 'little soups' together. They mix classic French cuisine with regional characteristics and a hint of an international influence. Iris Bettinger is one of just three female chefs in Germany who can lay claim to having the emblem of the 'Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe Deutschland' (young restaurateurs of Europe in Germany) on her chef's jacket. She always cooks according to the season as the year progresses. For example, one menu offers varieties of Asian cuisine, such as fillet of gilthead sea bream, fried in its skin with coconut and curry, okra, baby pak choi and smoked date rice. Local delicacies such as rump of roebuck with chanterelle, fried fig, filled baby sweetheart cabbage and venison ravioli, or with something sweet like white sour cream chocolate mousse in hazelnut cannelloni with elderflower jelly, sour cream ice cream and herb sorbet are also available. The discerning people working in the modern kitchen almost exclusively use organic meat from the farmland of the local area, and both the fruit and vegetables are sourced from the Rhedar weekly market, directly from the producer. The terrace of the Hotel Reuter, is a small oasis with a view over the town church where you can linger at leisure on a summer's day.

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Hotel Restaurant Reuter
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