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Sai Restaurant - Raynes Park Menu

Sai Restaurant
193 Worple Road
Raynes Park
South West London
SW20 8RE

Phone +44 (0)20 8947 2212

Sai Restaurant Menu

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Aloo Bhajia £3.50
slices of potato coated with thin layer of spiced gram flour
Paneer Tikka £3.95
Indian cottage cheese, marinated with Indian spices cooked on a skewer, served with grilled vegetables.
Onion Bhajia £3.25
Onion coated in mildly spiced gram flour batter, deep-fried
Punjabi Samosa £2.95
Crisp flour patties filled with mashed vegetables served with fresh chutney
Chilli Paneer £4.25
Paneer stir-fried with chilli in true Indian tawa style
Vegetable Manchurian £4.25
Mixed vegetables cooked in Chinese style.
Crispy Mushroom £4.45
Fried mushrooms tossed with home made spices.
Shahi Potato Patties £3.25
Potato mix stuffed with dry fruits, coconut and served with tamarind sauce
Non-Vegetarian Starters (all meat is Halal)
Seekh Kebabs £3.95
Spicy minced lamb grilled with fresh green chilies and ginger

Chicken Tikka £4.95
Cubes of chicken breast marinated in fresh aromatic Indian spices
and grilled.
Lamb Tikka £5.25
Cubes of lamb marinated in ginger, garlic and red chilies before
being grilled in a traditional clay oven.

Lamb/Chicken Samosa £3.25
Delicately spiced lamb/chicken wrapped in crispy pastry
Tandoori Chicken £5.95
Baby chicken marinated in spiced yoghurt and prepared in a traditional
clay oven.
Chilli Garlic Fish £4.95
Delicately cooked in garlic and ginger with spring onions
Garlic Prawns £5.50
Prawns, pan tossed with butter, garlic, green chillies and spring onions
Sai's Mussels £7.50
Mussels tossed in our specially prepared garlic and chilli sauce
hyriyali chicken tikka £4.50
boneless chicken nugget marinated in herbs, yoghurt and served with barbeque sauce
Sai's Leg of Lamb full/4 pers. £38 half/2 pers. £22.00
Lamb on a bone cooked till tender in true Punjabi style in tandoor
Mixed Grill £12.95
Assortment of seekh kebab, lamb chops, fish tikka, lamb tikka and
chicken tikka.
Chilli Chicken £5.95

Spicy boneless chicken cooked with aromatic Chinese spices
Garlic Chicken £5.95
Chicken cooked slowly with garlic and Chinese spices
Tandoori Pomfret £8.95
White pomfret marinated with aromatic spices grilled in tandoor and
served with salad and mint sauce, irresistible!.(Please allow 20 minutes)
Masala Lamb Chops £5.95
Marinated in ginger & Indian spices, grilled in tandoor

Mains (all meat is Halal)
Bhuna Chicken £7.50
Chicken on the bone cooked with fried onions and ginger
Chicken Tikka Masala £7.50
Chicken tikka marinated and cooked specially with Makhani sauce
Butter Chicken £7.50

Boneless chicken cooked with traditional mild curry
Karahi Chicken £7.50
Chicken cooked with capsicum, pepper and onion with spicy sauce
Chicken Jalfraizi £7.50
Boneless chicken cooked with onion and capsicum
Chicken Saffron £7.95
Boneless chicken cooked in saffron and almond sauce
Chicken Cashew nuts £7.50
Boneless chicken cooked in mild chef special cashew nuts sauce
Murgh Handi £7.50
Chicken cooked with rich curry on the bone.
Murgh Sagwala £7.50
Chicken cooked with spinach curry.
Murgh Methi £ 7.50
Chicken cubes cooked in fresh fenugreek leaves
Shahi Murgh malai £7.50
Chicken cooked in Malai curry.
Navratan Korma £5.95
Fresh mixed vegetables and fruits cooked in nicely flavoured sauce
Sarsoon ka Saag £5.95
Mustard leaves cooked Punjabi style
Subnam Tari £5.95
Mixed vegetables cooked with mushroom in homemade mild spicy sauce
Saag Paneer £5.50
Cottage cheese cooked with spinach
Corn on the cob £5.50
Sliced and mixed with vegetables and cooked in aromatic curry
Methi Egg Curry £4.95
Boiled eggs cooked in spicy rich curry with fresh fenugreek leaves
Bombay Aloo £4.95
Baby potatoes cooked in rich onion and tomato sauce
Aloo Baingan £4.95
Aubergine and potatoes simmered in masala sauce
Daal Makhani £4.95
Black lentil cooked with butter and tomato gravy
Daal fry £4.95
Yellow lentils with onions
Punjabi Chole £5.50
Chick peas cooked with onion in typical Punjabi style
Steamed Rice £2.95
Plain basmati rice
Pilau Rice £3.50
Steamed basmati rice with hint of Saffron
Jeera Rice £3.50
Sautéed rice cooked with cumin seeds.
Vegetable Biryani £5.50
Mixed vegetables cooked with basmati rice (no curry)
Hydrabadi Biryani £6.95
Boneless lamb combined with basmati rice and cooked with Indian herbs
on low heat. (no curry)
Chicken Biryani £6.95
Chicken combined with basmati rice and cooked with Indian herbs

Selection of Rice £3.95
Your choice of basmati rice, lemon, Mushroom, peas or spinach
Fried / Roasted Pappad £0.40
Peanuts Masala £2.50
Chana Papri £2.50
Onion/cucumber Raitha £1.95
Cucumber Salad £2.50
Green Salad £2.50
Onion salad £2.50
Indian Breads

Butter Naan £1.50

Flour dough cooked in a clayoven.

Kulcha £2.50

Flour dough with onions and sprinkled with sesame seeds cooked in clayoven.
Tandoori Roti £1.50
Wheat flour cooked in tandoori
Chilli/Garlic Naan £2.50
Naan bread topped with chilli/garlic.
Chilli Roti £2.50
Roti topped with chopped green chillies.
Keema Naan £2.95
Naan bread stuffed with minced meat.
Plain Paratha £2.50
Thick-sheet dough prepared in tandoor
Methi Paratha £2.95
Paratha stuffed with fenugreek.
Stuffed Paratha £2.95
Choose your own stuffing potato, cheese or vegetables
Peshwari Naan £2.95
Naan stuffed with sultanas, cherry & coconut

Restaurant menus often vary from day to day, so the above should be treated as examples of what to expect in terms of cuisine and price.

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