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Airport Island - Stuttgart

Airport Island
Flughafenrandstraße, am P9
Baden Wurttemberg

Phone +49 71122728420

Type of Cuisine Mediterranean

Review of Airport Island, Stuttgart

Airport Island, Stuttgart, Flughafenstraße

Airport Island, Stuttgart airport's main restaurant, really has something special to offer! Whether you're looking for a quick lunch, relaxed evening meal, club atmosphere, or home delivery service, here there is something to suit everyone. This child-friendly restaurant on Flughafenstraße satisfies diners with a mix of Mediterranean and Swabian cuisine. Included in the house specials: Airport Island Pfännle (small pans filled with food served directly to the table), a small roast joint, Maultäschle (Swabian specialty food, consisting of an outer layer of pasta dough with a filling traditionally made of minced meat, smoked meat, spinach, bread crumbs and onions and flavored with various herbs and spices), medallions of pork, Spätzle (speciality Swabian noodles) and mixed salad. Whether you are a lover of meat dishes, vegetarian food, or need a children's menu, there is something for everyone at the Airport Island. Whether you are looking to watch the sport on the big HD screen, enjoy a quiet meal at lunchtime, or relax in the Mediterranean beer garden in the summer, the Airport Island restaurant, situated next to the airport and Messe in Stuttgart is always a welcome place for its guests to visit!

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