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Dishes with names such as 'the sound of the sea' and 'tranquility' are a great draw to entice guests to return again and again to the MoschMosch restaurant in Königsallee (King Street), Düsseldorf. Japanese speciality wheat noodles are one of the main delights in the MoschMosch, Düsseldorf. These are served in broth with various added ingredients (typically fish, chicken or vegetables) and lovers of Japanese cuisine are guaranteed to have a smile on their faces every time they visit. In addition to the speciality noodles, you will also find Donburi on the menu - a Japanese rice dish and fried noodles. There is always something new and exciting to try at the MoschMosch in Königsallee, as the menu changes according to the season. You can take a seat on the beautiful teak furniture in Düsseldorf's Kö Galerie and enjoy the brief culinary journey you are taken on to Japan. I-ta-da-ki-mas - enjoy your meal!

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MoschMosch Düsseldorf
Königsallee 60
North Rhine Westphalia

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MoschMosch, Düsseldorf, Stadtmitte, Königsallee
MoschMosch, Düsseldorf, Stadtmitte, Königsallee
MoschMosch, Düsseldorf, Stadtmitte, Königsallee

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