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With a history dating back close to a thousand years, Süllberg has been renowned as one of the most popular tourist restaurants for over 150 years. Generations of Hamburg locals and visitors alike have celebrated at Süllberg with glittering balls, unforgettable celebrations, weddings, family parties not to mention other events, large and small. The beauty of Blankenese, the amazing location and the view over the Elbstrom have wowed all kinds of visitors as well as poets and artists, time and time again. A host of terraces and restaurants await hungry day-trippers at Süllberg. The Seven Seas Restaurant serves deluxe gourmet meals for the ultimate dining experience. A cheaper option is the Bistro, which also serves breakfast. The terraces are hugely popular where guests can enjoy roast chicken hot off the grill washed down with a Weißbier (light beer) or Radler (shandy). To finish off the day and enjoy the same fantastic view, head for the Transatlantic Lounge to indulge in your favourite tipple at sunset.

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